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    Pasquotank County

    CURRENT BID $60,000.00 - 213 Road

    January 22, 2018


    AUCTION - 1/24/18 - House & Lot at 236 Crawford Street

    January 24, 2018


    Auction - 1/24/18 - House & Lots located at 185 Lincoln Street

    January 24, 2018


    AUCTION - 1/24/18 - House & Lot at 1871 Staton Mill Rd. near Greenville NC

    January 24, 2018


    AUCTION - House & Lot at 3204 North Contentnea St.

    January 24, 2018


    AUCTION - 1/24/18 - House & Lot at 4357 Martin Luther King, Jr. Street

    January 24, 2018


    AUCTION - 1/24/18 - House & Lot at 312 Harvey Circle

    January 24, 2018

    Cumberland County

    AUCTION - 1/25/18 - Nice home in Fayetteville, NC

    January 25, 2018


    AUCTION - 1/26/18 - UCC Sale of Complete Bar and Grill

    January 26, 2018

    Washington, NC

    AUCTION - 2/8/18 - CBA Warehouse Auction

    February 08, 2018

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    312 Harvey Circle, Grifton, NC


    AUCTION - 1/24/18 - House & Lot at 312 Harvey Circle

    JAN 24


    This auction is of a residential property located at 312 Harvey Circle in Grifton, NC that will be sold on January 24, 2018 at 1:00 pm on location at the property. The property is being sold in the Estate of Joyce Hutchinson

    This property is a nice single family home in a nice well established residential subdivision in Grifton, NC. Tax records indicate that this is a split level 1960's brick home with 1,874 square feet of heated living space. The house also has an attached garage. The home has been vacant for a few years and the paint has started peeling. Other than that, the house appears to be in good condition. With repairs and some updates, this could be a very nice home in a nice neighborhood.


    312 HArvey Circle, Grifton, NC

    PARCEL - 00233

    ACRES - 0.56

    YEAR BUILT 1960

    TOTAL LIVING AREA - 1,874 sf

    CURRENT TAX VALUE - $95,031.00

    TERMS – This sale is being conducted in the Matter and/or the Estate of Joyce P. Hutchinson. The property is being sold “FREE AND CLEAR” of all liens, or with liens satisfied at closing. The property is being sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”. The property is being sold with taxes prorated as of day of closing, meaning the current year taxes will be split between the Buyer and the Seller based on the closing date; all prior years taxes will be paid by the Seller. A 5% deposit or $750.00 deposit, WHICHEVER IS GREATER, is required at time of sale. The sale is subject to all North Carolina Estate General Statutes including a “(10) DAY UPSET BID PERIOD”, meaning that the last and final bid at the auction is recorded with the Clerk of Court for the county that the property is located in and held open. Anyone can contact the Clerk’s office and raise the bid during the raise period. All raises made after the close of the auction must be of at least 5% of previous recorded bid and must be made through the Clerk’s office. Each time the bid is raised, the (10) day “upset bid period” starts over. This process continues until there have been no raises. At that time, the file is sent to the Clerk for the confirmation process. Once confirmed, the high bidder will have (30) days to close on the property. There is “NO BUYER’S PREMIUM” or additional buyer fees charged by the auction company. The Buyer should inspect the property prior to bidding and do any and all research they deem necessary. Country Boys Auction & Realty, Inc., its Brokers, and employees are agents for the Seller and have no dual agency representation of responsibilities.

    For maps, drawings, tax data, and other files associated with this auction, please “click” on the MAPS & BROCHURES button below. The first file should open automatically; all additional files can be viewed by opening the small folder of files that appears in the lower left corner of the new information bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. Just “click” to open that folder and a list of all available pdf files will appear for you to view, download, or print. If you have any problems viewing the pdf files, please contact us so we can email you those files directly.

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