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    CURRENT BID - $12,600.00 - 185 Lincoln St., Bethel

    March 19, 2018

    Pasquotank County

    AUCTION - 3/20/18 - House in Elizabeth City, NC

    March 20, 2018

    Sampson County

    AUCTION - 3/22/18 - 75+/- Acres with Nice Home near Roseboro, NC

    March 22, 2018

    Mecklenburg County

    AUCTION - 3/14/18 - Convenience Store in Charlotte, NC Current Bid 345,000.00

    March 26, 2018

    Washington, NC

    AUCTION - 3/29/18 - CBA SALE YARD 2 - Farm Equipment, Recycling Equipment, Trucks, Vehicles

    March 29, 2018

    Beaufort County

    AUCTION - 4/11/18 - Commercial Real Estate in Chocowinity, NC

    April 11, 2018

    Beaufort County

    AUCTION - 4/11/18 - Manufacturing/Warehouse Facility, Chocowinity, NC

    April 11, 2018

    Bertie County

    AUCTION - 4/12/18 - 7+ Acre Commercial Property with 4,000 SF Building in Aulander, NC

    April 12, 2018

    Martin County

    AUCTION - 4/12/18 - 1.7+/- Acre Commercial Property in Robersonville, NC

    April 12, 2018

    Martin County

    AUCTION - 4/12/18 - Convenience Store/Grill in Williamston, NC

    April 12, 2018

    Beaufort County

    AUCTION - 4/28/18 - CBA Warehouse Auction in Washington, NC

    April 28, 2018

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    1211 W. 5th Street, Washington, NC

    Beaufort County

    AUCTION - 4/28/18 - CBA Warehouse Auction in Washington, NC

    APR 28


    The next auction at our CBA Warehouse facility located at 1211 W. 5th Street in Washington, NC has been scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 10:00 am. This auction will include a large amount of restaurant equipment from a large sandwich/bagel restaurant and from a large frozen yogurt/ice cream store. We will also be selling a large amount of new and used guns, bows, and hunting equipment as well as a large supply of new Costa Del Mar sunglasses. This auction includes the equipment from a very large nail salon including manicure application stations, drying stations, and several pedicure units with foot bath and massage chairs. There is also a large amount of new retail inventory.



    BROWNING BPS 12 gauge pump action 28” barrel modified choke 17338MX121 

    MOSSBERG 190 16 gauge bolt action 26” barrel adjustable choke “Pre-64 serial” 

    BENELLI SBEII 12 gauge semi-automatic “LEFT HAND” 28” camo 4 choke with case U347903

    P BERETTA “Ducks Unlimited” A390ST 12 gauge semi-automatic 28” IC choke DU91327612 

    BROWNING “Ducks Unlimited” A500 12 gauge semi-automatic 28” (3) choke 094DU02582 


    REMINGTON 700 7mm bolt action 26” barrel stainless/camo S6643057 

    LEE ENFIELD No. 4 MK1 303 British bolt action 25” A13792 

    SPRINGFIELD M1-A Super-match with (6) magazines, bipod, and cleaning kit 

    LEE ENFIELD 303 British bolt action 25.5” with bayonet 4MK/2OC3765 


    WALTHER P-38 9mm semi-automatic 5” 23499 

    FRENCH 8mm Lebel service revolver 4.5” 

    PARA ORDINANCE P-16-40 .40 S&W semi-automatic 5” with (3) magazines RF5366 

    GLOCK 27 .40 S&W semi-automatic 3.3” HLB559 

    SMITH & WESSON 469 9mm semi-automatic 3” TAW7578 

    IMEZ IJ70-18AH 9mm Makarov semi-automatic 3” ABC2173 

    GLOCK 42 .380 semi-automatic 3.26” with case NEW ABLN715
    GLOCK G17 9mm semi-automatic with case BBHK400 

    GLOCK G19 9mm semi-automatic 4” with case FND418 

    SPRINGFIELD XD-9 9mm semi-automatic 5” with case NEW GM802545 

    COLT Police Positive .38spl revolver (1929) 4” 328700 

    DIAMONDBACK DB380 .380 semi-automatic 2.75” with case & holster ZC9560 

    CAI P-38 9X18 Makarov semi-automatic 3.5” V0T01888 

    SIG SAUER P220 .45 semi-automatic 4” G408369 

    BERETTA Pico 380ACP semi-automatic 2 5/8” NEW IN BOX PC023243 

    BERETTA Pico 380ACP semi-automatic 2 5/8” NEW IN BOX PC023240

    BERETTA Pico 380ACP semi-automatic 2 5/8” NEW IN BOX PC023242

    *You must have a current North Carolina Concealed Carry permit or county issued permit (for each gun purchased) along with a valid AND matching (name & address) North Carolina ID to purchase handguns.

    **You must have a current North Carolina Concealed Carry permit or county issued permit (for each gun purchased) along with a valid AND matching (name & address) North Carolina ID to purchase rifles or shotguns OR You must meet all Federal Firearm guidelines and criteria to purchase rifles or shotguns. A NICS form will be completed and called in by our contracted dealer.


    (4) PSE "Carbon Air" bows

    PSE "Inertia IC" bow

    PSE "DS Decree IC" bow

    (3) PSE "RTS STNGRX/STNGRX Stilto" bows

    (6) PSE "RTS Drive R DC" bows

    PSE "RTSPRO Stinger" bow

    PSE "Evolve HL" bow

    (2) PSE "RTS Bruteforce" bows

    PSE "RTS Infinity" bow

    PSE "RTSPRO Drive DC" bow

    PSE "Epix" bow

    PSE ROX400 crossbow

    SA SPORTS "Muddy Girl" crossbow



    (76) PAIRS OF NEW COSTA DEL MAR SUNGLASSES including these popular models; "Copra", "Fantail", "Inlet", "Rockport", "Anaa", Cortez", "Starfish", "Stringer", "Maurilius", "Brine", "Seafan", "South Sea", "Isabela", "Fisch", "Hammock", "Kiwa", Cocos", "Boga", "Man O War", "Permit", "Cook", "Blenny", "Goby", "Hatch", "Tuna Alley", "Seven Mile", "Jose", "Howler", "Straits", "White Tip", "Hammer Head", "Harpoon", "Indio", "Cayan", "Harpoon", "Corbina", "Zane", Destin", "Pawleys", "Cut", "Salt Break", "Ballast", "Wingman", "Tippet", "Fathom", "Luke", "Blackfin", "Rooster", "Catcay", "Prop", "Tern", Mag Bay", and "Manta"



    TOPCON HiperPro

    (2) MAGELLAN L1 NAP1 GPS survey antenna units

    TOPCON GTS-825A auto-tracking station

    TDS handheld tracking unit

    (2) TDS Recon pocket PC units

    TOPCON AT-G2 auto-leveling transit unit

    SATEL Satelline 3ASD reciever/transmitter

    TOPCON GPT-8005A Tracking Station

    TOPCON GPT-9003A Tracking Station

    SCHONSTEDT "whistle stick" metal detector

    grade rods, positioning rods, tripods, mounts, etc.


    Complete list coming soon!


    (6) - STOELTING F231-30912-ADI (3PH) mixer/freezer
    BEVERAGE-AIR single door glass front freezer
    sales/preparation counter with sneeze guard
    acrylic ice cream cone display box
    drop-in refrigerated well system
    3-compartment SS sink with double splash, overhead rinse, and faucet
    misc wall mounted shelving
    wire shelving (dry goods & coolers)
    SS worktable with undershelf
    smallwares, containers, etc.
    Point-of-sale system with scales
    gray small round restaurant tables
    vinyl covered stools (various colors)


    Pallet and case lots of new trash cans, automotive parts, clothing/uniforms, collectible hats & caps


    Thousands of vinyl albums and records sold in large lots and quantities

    TERMS – Everything is being sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”. Payment “IN FULL” is required at time of sale. CASH & CHECKS are accepted for payment. CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS are accepted as payment, however a 3% convenience fee will be charged when you use a card for payment. There is no “BUYER’S PREMIUM”, or additional fees for onsite bidders.

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